What People Are Saying…

“Sonia has done so well to stop smoking permanently and she’s passionate about helping others find the fresh air at the end of their smoke-filled tunnel too. ‘Save Your Breath’ is the escape manual from this seemingly endless tunnel.”

– Tina, Noosa, Australia

“Having spent time with Sonia while she was working to free herself from smoking, I promise you that I have never met anyone more courageous or more determined to overcome an addiction – which she accomplished by battling her mind head on – unlike anyone I have ever observed before. By doing so, she knows very well what worked and how others can do the same. Sonia is my hero. Do yourself a favor and read her book now!”

– Michael Nitti, BCC, Master Life Coach & Author, United States

“The tools and insights Sonia shares in her book has been instrumental in helping me with my on again off again nicotine addiction. Her stress-free tips inspired me to completely be nicotine free! If you want to stop smoking, this is a MUST READ.”

– Jennifer Le, Toronto, Ontario

“As a smoker myself, I know what it is like to fail several times to stop smoking. Sonia has accomplished that and is now sharing her ‘stress-free’ method in this book so that other smokers can become nicotine free as well.”

– Debbie, Ipswich, Australia

“Sonia stopped smoking permanently and now she wants to help as many other people to also stop”

– Dr. Vera Ivovic, General Practictioner,- Australia